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Our Coffee

Steampunk offers a rotating selection of seasonal, freshly roasted, single origin coffee. We will always have two options for your espresso offering, one mellow with nutty chocolatey flavours and one more complex with balanced fruitiness and sweetness. In addition, we always have three or four microlots for you to choose from if you want to offer your customers something really special. And of course, we sell the best decaf around. 

The mellow option is always rich, chocolatey and nutty: perfect for you if you want a solid, crowd pleasing coffee that shines through milky drinks but can also stand alone as a double espresso. We buy enough green coffee for this option to last about 6 months at a time, so it won’t change that often.

The complex option is for folks who are looking for something a little more interesting. It has a balanced flavour profile with some fruity acidity, a full body, and a long sweet finish. This is  a winner if you want to showcase how great speciality coffee can be and have some experience dialing in more acidic coffees. We generally change the bean for this option every four months to keep it interesting. 

Microlots are where we really flex the ‘special’ in specialty coffee. These are small lots that have been separated out from the rest of the harvest for their uniqueness and high quality. They can be brewed as espresso and they really shine in other brew methods like aeropress or pour over, so they’re great to have on your shelf as retail packs for your customers to take home. These change frequently, usually every one to two months. 

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